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Can I buy single European cup tickets?
Do we sit next to each other when we order multiple tickets?
Where can I see my seat number?
Is there a possibility that access will be denied at European matches?
How many Packages can I purchase?
Can I order Packages for matches after the Winter break?
Are there other selling points to buy Ajax match tickets?
Can I order parking tickets / Arena cards in advance?
When I buy tickets for someone else, can he or she pick them up?


How can I pay my packages?
Which creditcards are accepted?
Is there a VAT specification on my invoice?
Can I pay later?


When can I pick up my tickets?
Can I send my tickets to my home address?
What do I have to bring when picking up my tickets?
Can someone else pick up my tickets?
Until how late after kickoff can I pick up my ticket?
Where can I pick up my tickets?

Returns and Cancellation Policy

Until when can I cancel my order?
Can I get a refund when I don't pick up my tickets?

Terms and Conditions

What are the terms and conditions?


Can I make changes in my account?
How can I get to the stadium by public transportation
Can I also visit matches of the Ajax youth and ladies teams?

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